Professional Eyelash Extensions and Training
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Shavasana  Eyelash Extensions ™ is the trusted name in the eyelash extension industry.  We have been working in the eyelash extension industry for 6 years, helping professionals build their businesses.

We’ve invested over a million dollars in our product development, training programs and product research.  Shavasana Eyelash Extensions is the eyelash extension company that provides the adhesives, application products and after care that truly works to make your lash extensions last.

Our focus is YOU the client.  How can we help YOU build your lash extension business?

Our training program is the most comprehensive education you can receive in the industry.  With most of our trainers working oEyelash Extensions Before Picturen our team for over 5 years, we bring experience to your class in helping you perfect your technique.   Make sure to ask companies when you are searching for your education “how long have you been in the business and how long have you been training for this company?”  Our trainers are long-term clients who believe in our products and become a part of our team after years of experience working with Shavasana Eyelash Extension system.  We don’t go threw trainers like other companies.  Our trainers stay with us because they believe in us.

Our adhesive formulas are safe effective adhesives ranging from beginner – completely odorless medical grade glues and advanced tech quick set adhesive for your experiencedExtensionist.

Your adhesive is your most tool in creating long lasting lashes and your education is how you will differentiate yourself from the competition.

Shavasana Eyelash Extensions is the trusted, experienced company to help you grow your business and allow you to achieve your financial goals.