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Shavasana Eyelash Extensions Company Information

We value our clients. Shavasana Eyelash Extensions™ is the trusted professional eyelash extensions company that offers the highest quality products, tools, training, and customer support.

Through constant research and development and testing resources from all over the globe, Shavasana succeeds like no other company in completely satisfying our clients.

Launched in May 2005 Shavasana is a leading eyelash extensions company and one of the first to offer professional products and training in the procedure of eyelash extensions.

Shavasana is dedicated to offering thorough and expert training by highly qualified professional and experienced trainers.

Impeccable customer service, with information available to you when you need it the most, is our top priority.

Shavasana will help and support you for significantly greater success in growing your business and expanding your client base.

We are always, “Just a free phone call away”

Professionals: You must be a licensed Cosmetologist, Make-up Artist, Aesthetician, Permanent Make-up Technician, RN or MD to perform this procedure. Our number one goal is to help you grow your business and offer a new and exciting service to your clients.

Who We Are

Shavasana Eyelash Extensions™ is an eyelash extensions company made up of Beauty Professionals that include Cosmetologists, Aestheticians, Permanent Make-up Technicians, Make up Artists and Medical Professionals. Headquartered in Orange County, California all operations, product testing, research and development are conducted by our Shavasana operations team. We have a nationwide training staff that can work with you at your location or at one of our many classes. We are a company who prides ourselves on bringing cutting edge education and superior products to you for your eyelash extension business. We are a company with a smile, ethics, and the common sense to treat you like gold as you should be treated!

What We Do

We search the globe for the right products and tools that should be used when applying lash extensions. We perfect our practice so that our education is creative, easy to understand and fun to attend. Our training program is not just a first step into learning lash extensions but educating you in the art of Shavasana lash extensions. Shavasana technique is specific to Shavasana. You will not be educated on this technique taking another lash companies class. We are innovative and in constant research and development mode to be the best resource for your business. We work to support your business so that you can increase your yearly income and offer an exciting and luxurious service to your clients.

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Shavasana Eyelash Extensions Company Corporate Staff

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