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Watch Barbara Rattigan, owner of Shavasana Eyelash Extension accompanied by Pamela Flores, Shavasana Training Specialist for the Houston area, on Fox News

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Les Nouvelles Esthetiques
Les Nouvelles Esthetiques
eyelash extensions press
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les nouvelles esthetiques
body beautiful magazine

Today we highlighted Barbara Rattigan's Shavasana Eyelash Extensions
and Adhesives
. Shavasana's innovative adhesive serum, Eternal Bond, is
actually FDA approved for both cosmetic and medical use, and you can be
rest-assured that her products are of top-notch quality.

The Eternal Bond adhesive is the newest addition to the line of Shavasana products. Eternal Bond is a completely safe adhesive, manufactured in the U.S. and contains only ingredients approved by the FDA for medical and/or cosmetic use.

Shannon Winter Philadelphia Training Specialist in Daily Candy giving tips and info on her lash business. Click here for more info. Congrats Shannon!

Spa Week as the Top 12 Hottest Spa Treatment Trends for Fall 2010. Eyelash Extensions listed at #4 in the Hottest Spa Treatment List.

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A labor of lash love?

Things that breed frustration: taxes, Mondays, traffic jams...and applying fake eyelashes. It seems no matter how much you practice, it always becomes a mess of sticky glue and crooked lashes. But luckily, there's a new saving grace out there: Eyelash extensions!

They take two hours to apply and last 2-6 weeks on average. Lots of salons perform the service -- try Novalash , Shavasana, or any local boutique salons in your area. But be warned: it can run you anywhere from $300 to $500. So, what's the verdict?



Shavasana Eyelash Extensions™ named BEST EYELASH EXTENSIONS in the April edition of Time Out New York. "The best of the lot. These hardy lashes suit my active lifestyle better than wearing mascara." Cathay Che, writer, Time Out, New York. Congratulations to Veronica, Certified Shavasana Extensionist at Spa Ja located in New York City. Click here to read the entire article.

Congratulations to Soul Lee from Shu Umera featured in the  issue of Vogue magazine.  Please click on the links below to read the article. Fantastic!  Click here

z 100

Cody Hepworth, Shavasana Certified Extensionist, at the Robert Kree Salon located in New York city, was praised for his Shavasana FABULASH EXTENSIONS by Z100 on the morning show, August 20, 2006.  Book your next appointment with Cody by visiting website.

cosmopolitan magazine



Cosmopolitan's Hot List rate "Eyelash Extensions" as being H.O.T.

mercedes benz fashion week

Shavasana Eyelash Extensions™
proudly participated in LA fashion week, 2006 at SMASHBOX Studios in Studio City, California.

yana k

Shavasana Eyelash Extensions™ selected as a contributor for the Yana k Fall 2006 fashion show gift bags. Shavasana lash curlers and gift certificates given to the fabulous celebrities and VIP attending the event.

Shavasana Eyelash Extensions™ selected as a contributor for the Kelly Nishimoto Fall 2006 fashion show gift bags.  All attendees received a Shavasana heated lash curler and lash application gift certificate.

the hartford courant

Theresa Blankenship, Shavasana Eyelash Extension Training Specialist was currently featured in the Hartford Connecticut Courant Newspaper.  Click to read what Theresa has to say about her own Shavasana lash extension business. Click here

nbc 30

Theresa Martin-Blankenship, Shavasana Eyelash Extension Training Specialist was featured on NBC 30, March 15, 2006 about her own eyelash extension practice.  If you would like to view the story, click on the NBC banner and scroll down to the "Eyelash Extension Are a New Craze" story... Fantastic Theresa!



Shavasana Eyelash Extensions™ walked the red carpet at the "Who's
Next, What's Next" fashion show February 26,2006 at the Sky Bar, in Hollywood, California.

Shavasana lash extensions were applied to the young and hip UBER AGENCY models that strutted their stuff down the runway, at the hottest fashion show celebrating the newest designers to hit Hollywood!  Shavasana lash application gift certificates and heated lash curlers filled the gift bags for the Stars and VIP at the event.

Uber Agency Model wearing Shavasana lash extensions at the Who's Next, What's Next, fasion show in Hollywood California.

sundance film festival

Shavasana Eyelash Extensions™ invited to the Sundance Film Festival.  Offering certificates for a Shavasana Eyelash Extension application at the EMG lounge at Sundance 2006.

usa today

Read USA Today, article  "Eyes wide open with these lash extensions."   The hottest beauty trend to hit the red carpet for 2006!  Click on this link to read the article... - Eyes open wide with these lash extensions

tampa bays 10

Click on Video Story to watch the segment about Pia's Shavasana Eyelash Extensions™! Pia Trujillo, Shavasana Certified Extensionist was featured on WTSP, Tampa Bay's Channel 10 news.  Pia was one of the first in her area to offer Shavasana lash extensions.  To book an appointment with Pia go to Pia's website...

abc news
ABC NEWS list Eyelash Extensions as the NEXT BIG THING FOR 2006!! Good morning America reported in January of 2006 "Eyelash Extensions the next big thing."

What's Hot for Spring 2006?

Eyelash extensions the hottest trend to hit the US for spring/summer fashionistas according  to "Beauty on Demand"  Shavasana Eyelash Extensions™ named one of the professional lash extensions to look for.  Please click here to read the story.

oc flair

OC FLAIR Article "Looking for Luscious Lashes"

Barbara F. Rattigan, president of Shavasana Eyelash Extensions™ was currently featured in a popular Orange County Health and Fitness magazine! in January of 2006 

northwest herald

Theresa Blankenship, Shavasana Eyelash Extensions™ East Coast Training Manager talks about her own Shavasana lash extension practice.  Click here to read the entire article.

thirdage beauty and style

ThirdAge Beauty & Style Article "Celebrity-Style Lashes."