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eyelash extension training

Eyelash Extensions Training and Certification

Shavasana Eyelash Extensions can only be applied by a licensed beauty professional.

*** You must order a kit when attending a Shavasana Training session. 

We all know that focused high level quality training is the main ingredient in providing exceptional work for your clients!

eyelash extension trainingTraining

The eyelash extensions training is an intense seven hour course that will educate you on all the important aspects of applying eyelash extensions properly. This is going to be an extremely "Hands ON" training. Two instructors will conduct the training course with a small group of students to ensure that you receive our full and undivided attention and the highest quality training provided today. We strongly recommend the training!

Your time is valuable!! We know it. Don’t try and reinvent the wheel by “Trial and Error.” Shavasana training gives you everything that you need to satisfy your clients from day one.

In the morning, the following topics are covered in the Shavasana Eyelash Extension Training:

Shavasana Eyelash Extension
Procedure and technique
Frequently Asked Questions
Pricing for Profit
Marketing your new business eyelash extension training
Client Safety
Consent Form
Adhesive and chemicals you will be working with
The entire afternoon is dedicated to practicing the Shavasana Eyelash Extension procedure. Paired up with other professionals in your class, you will apply the extensions supervised by your training specialists and critiqued on your technique.

Our main goal in the training session is to add value to your business, by properly training you as a Shavasana Extensionist.

Everything you need to know about applying the lashes correctly, our step by step process, and time saving tips will be covered in the training session. Bring on the questions!! We’re ready for them.

eyelash extension certification

Certification of Advanced Training

Upon completion of our eyelash extension training course you will be awarded certification of advanced training from Shavasana.

An attractive certificate will be awarded to you-to display at your place of business.

Certification in your field of expertise will always add value to your business.

After completing the Shavasana Eyelash Extensions Training Course you will be eligible be listed as a Certified Lash Extensionist on our website.

Our certification program is the best in the business. We've experienced every challenge a Professional Eyelash Extensionist may encounter.

Whether you are just starting your eyelash extension business, or looking to perfect it, the Shavasana Certification program will help you take your business to a new level.


Breakfast and coffee or lunch will be provided at all training classes.

Please purchase your Shavasana starter kit or mini kit previous to the training class so that you are prepared coming into the course. You will benefit the most from viewing the Shavasana application dvd previous to the class and having your questions ready for class. Please click here to go to the Shavasana Starter Kit page.

The Level II class is a follow up class available for students one month after completing the Level I class. Most companies provide a back-to-back two day training programs with no follow up classes. Since students are not provided with sufficient time to practice the techniques and skills they have learned, back-to-back training programs are not as effective. Shavasana’s Level II class is developed to add additional time to work on technique, touch ups, and other challenges that may arise within the practicing time.

The Level II class is a comprehensive and an all hands-on training geared to each individual’s needs and challenges. The following is a class description:

“This is the appropriate class for professionals that want to expand their business, work through application and touch problems, and learn advanced techniques,” says Barbara. “This has become an extremely successful program that our East Coast Training Manager, Theresa Blankenship and I have developed. We have completed trainings in New York with several groups of trainees over the summer months. The new Level II program has completely changed the ability and quality of our training curriculum to focus on confidence in the trainees’ work and increase their overall revenue.”

Start your lash business for as low as $850

shavasana eyelash extensions training kit

Shavasana Training Kit
8mm x .15mm Classic J Curl
9mm x .15mm Classic J Curl
11mm x .20mm Classic J Curl
10mm x .15mm Mink J Curl
12mm x .20mm Mink J Curl
Longer Life Coating
Protein Pads
Tweezer Set
Lint Free Gel Pads 10
3M Tape
Jade stone
Medium Silver Carrying Case

Please contact Shavasana Eyelash Extensions™ for more details 866.544.3553 ext. 222 /

Las Vegas, Nevada New Class!!
Date Level Time Availability Price

Aug 10, 2014 
Aug 11, 2014

Art of Lashes Training
Volume Lash Training

10am - 4pm


$850 Training + art kit 

$850 training + volume kit


Location: TBD - Trainer: Natalie Palomino - Call 866-544-3553 for information and registration.

Seattle, Washington
Date Level Time Availability Price



10am - 4pm




Location: Bellevue, WA- Trainer: Erika McFarlane - Call 866-544-3553 for information and registration.

Miami, Florida
Date Level Time Availability Price

June 16, 2014
July 21, 2014
Aug 25, 2014
Sept 29, 2014
Oct 27, 2014
Dec 15, 2014


9am - 5pm


The Classes will be given at: 2333 Coral Way 33145 Miami FL

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Date Level Time Availability Price

July 20, 2014
July 21, 2014
Aug 17, 2014
Aug 18, 2014
Sept 14, 2014
Sept 15, 2014
Oct 26, 2014
Oct 27, 2014


10am - 5pm  Open $500 
The Classes will be given at: 928 Pine Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107

Orange County, California
Date Level Time Availability Price

July 21, 2014






Location: Lash Spot Spa, 435 East 17th Street, Suite 1, Costa Mesa, CA 92627 - Trainer: Natalie Palomino - Call 866-544-3553 for information and registration.

Lexington, Massachusettes
Date Level Time Availability Price
June 22, 2014 I 9am - 4pm Open $500
The Classes will be given at: Aloft Hotel, 757 Marrett Road, Lexington MA 02421

New York, New York
Date Level Time Availability Price
TBD   9am - 5pm Open $500
Please call Shavasana Eyelash Extensions at 866-544-3553 ext. 222 for details

Las Vegas, Nevada
Date Level Time Availability Price
June (date comings soon)   TBD Open $500
Please call Shavasana Eyelash Extensions at 866-544-3553 ext. 222 for details and registration

Salt Lake City, Utah
Date Level Time Availability Price
The Classes will be given at: Richelle's Salon and Day Spa, 4699 Highland Drive, Salt Lake City. Pleae call 866-544-3553 for details.

Greenwich, Connecticut
Date Level Time Availability Price

One-on-one training only
Call 866-544-3553 for details and registration.


Omaha, Nebraska
Date Level Time Availability Price
June 29, 2014 I 9am - 4pm Open $500
Aug 17, 2014 I 9am - 4pm Open $500

Location – Studio 110, 10916 W. Dodge Rd., Omaha, Nebraska 68154
Contact Shavasana Eyelash Extensions at (866) 544-3553 or for details and registration.


Art of Lash training is a creative course that includes styling, cupping, and bottom lashing. Take your craft to a new level as a Lash Artist. 

Volume lashing course is a volume and 2D-4D training, includes "muliti-lash pick-up and "Y and W lashing" multi-lash techniques. 

Private Training
Please contact us for information about our one-on-one classes. 866.544.3553 ext. 222 Please leave your name, phone number and the city and state you are in and we will get you in contact with the appropriate trainer.
Group training for your salon or spa is available. Shavasana Eyelash Extension Trainers will travel. You must have 4 or more individuals that will be training at your facility. The fee is $500 per trainee. Do not hesitate to contact the Shavasana Training Specialist in your area with questions. We are a team that works together to provide top quality customer service to our clients and we are a constant resource for you to utilize to work towards your eyelash extension business.