Shipping & Refunds

Shipping Policy

All orders shipped UPS. UPS shipping costs applied.  Will ship within 1-5 business days. Usually ships same day. Processing could take 1-5 business days. Usually processed same day.   If product is on back order please advise that your product will ship, with back order item shipped in a different package when we get the product in to our warehouse.  Thank you for your business. 

New Return / Refund Policy
Please Read (Must Read Before Opening Product)

Shavasana Eyelash Extensions can only be applied by a licensed beauty professional.

20% restocking fee on all products where a full refund is issued due to buyers remorse or change of mind. Product must be returned within 10 days of receipt to recieve a refund – restocking fee.

Training –  Cancellation must be made 7 days previous to the scheduled class. A refund on training will not be given on cancellations made after the cancellation period.  Your monies may be used towards a future trainig class. No monetary refund or credit for product will be made.

If a deposit is paid for and applied to your training class you must cancel your class 7 days previous to training to recieve a full refund.

Shavasana Inc. Return Policy 

Please test all products upon receiving them. No refunds or exchanges will be given on products after the two month period. Return Policy is enforced. No Exceptions.

All products must be returned to the company within 10 days of delivery to your place of business to receive a full refund.  The product must be un-opened and returned to the company as it was originally sent out.  Missing products from your shipment will be deducted in the amount to which the product is priced at individually. Any damaged product will be deducted from your refund.  A full refund is given to all returns on product within 10 days where you as the consumer changes one mind or is unhappy with the presentation of the product.  Shipping charges will not be returned to the consumer on exchanges and/or returns.

Shavasana does not charge a re-stocking fee on full refunds on products that have been unopened or unused and returned within 10 business days of receipt.  We deduct only the amount the product is priced individually and only deduct the amount of which the company receives damaged product and/or tools and marketing materials.  Please inform Shavasana immediately if you have received a damaged product or good so that we can replace your product after receiving your exchange. Returned products that have been used will be credited to your account for replacements for future purchases and no monies will be refunded to the customer. If you send back an item for exchange a shipping cost will be charged, unless the item exchanged is a defective item or by fault of the company.

Shavasana Adhesives must be kept in a cool environment at room temperature.  Any exposure to heat will change the consistency and efficacy of the adhesive.  Please keep in your make up case in a cool room or in a shelve or cupboard where the room is kept at a cool 70 degree temperature.  Never leave your kit in your car or in a warm environment.
Shavasana adhesives can be kept in the refrigerator.  Please remove the adhesive from the refrigerator 2 hours previous to application process.

Always keep your Shavasana adhesive bottle in an upright position and clean the area around the bottle that becomes covered in glue to prevent the cap from sticking to the bottle. All exchanges on Shavasana adhesives must be made within 60 days of original purchase if you are not happy with the results or have problems with your glue.  Please indicate the problem or issue you are having with your adhesive and include contact information in your package. You must return your adhesive to receive a replacement. Shavasana has up to 10 days upon receipt of return to replace your adhesive. Return shipping of product to be paid by you. Replacement shipping will by paid by Shavasana. 

If you are not trained by Shavasana Eyelash Extensions™ our products cannot be guaranteed.

Thank you for your cooperation on our refund and return policy.  We greatly appreciate your business and want to create a happy and long lasting relationship with our clients.

Please contact Shavasana with any questions regarding our policy and adhesives at 866-544-3553