****Shavasana Level I training course –  Introduction to the lash extension procedure

Theory and Practical – one day class


  • The company
  • Product knowledge
  • Client Consultation to achieve the look and healthy lashes for the client
  • Lash Sizes, lengths, widths, curls
  • Understanding the terminology
  • Consent form and protecting yourself
  • Lash Growth Cycle
  • Lash Choices appropriate per client
  • Adhesive ingredients and chemicals you’ll be working with
  • Proper tool and workspace sanitation and safety procedures
  • Working space prep – adhesive, lashes, tools
  • Prepping the eye and post application
  • Lash extension procedure process
  • Post application procedure
  • Marketing your business
  • Client Information
  • Home care product line
  • Pricing for profit
  • Questions and Wrap up

Lash Application Educational Demo

Prep and eye safety

  • Lash Application – Isolating the natural lash effectively
  • Adhesive use and application process
  • Proper tool handling
  • Our experienced trainers provide invaluable information
  • Lash Challenges
  • Tape up tips
  • Keeping your time
  • Applying clean, individual lashes by multiple technique
  • Size and width preferences
  • Styling preferences
  • lashes by age and eye shapes
  • Creating a balance
  • Creative ideas


Practical – 3 hours

  • Each student will need to provide a model to practice the Shavasana eyelash techniques.
  • The practical portion can be a very intense part of the training. It’s a difficult procedure so be prepared to focus.

 After completion of your course, and you are able to successfully attach the individual extensions to each individual natural lash, you will be provided a certificate of completion for the Level I training.


****Shavasana Level II Training Course – Follow up Lash Extension practical session – one day class

 Level II is a smaller class geared towards improving our new technicians skills that wish to come back 1 month later.  The company feels that this is the opportune time to work through the normal challenges that go along with applying lashes.

Touch-ups can be the most frustrating part of the lash extension procedure. After your Level I training we suggest to take at least 15 application before returning to your Level I course.  At that time you are on the cusp of starting your lash business. We find that our students and salons that take advantage of our Level II training, are up and running much faster and more successful then our trainees that do not take our Level II course.

Theory -

Review of Level I

Questions and challenges discussed

– Class goes directly into practical – Must provide a model

Your model will need to come in with a touch-up needed on both eyes.

Break may be taken between eyes.


  • Remove one eye’s lashes
  • Touch-up the other eye
  • Full Set the other eye

Achievements going through this practical exercise –

  • Touch-ups
  • Picking up your speed
  • Challenging lashes
  • Building volume more effectively
  • Lash styling
  • Application challenges met head on

 Once you’ve completed your Level II course, go home and work at least 5 more more touch-up applications.   You should be ready within a week to be taking on your new paying clients.