The Company

barbara_rattiganThe Shavasana Company launched in 2005, by one woman who was introduced to the most amazing thing she had ever seen.  Barbara Rattigan was working at a spa in Orange County.  One of her colleague’s at the spa introduced her to a new service.   Once seeing it, experiencing it, she was hooked on this new service. It became a true passion.  After many months of working on her own clients and perfecting her procedure, she knew there was more.  She began researching available products, worked on her practice, and began building her own education platform to educate other estheticians in her area on applying lash extensions. She came across other estheticians that too had a passion for this service and wanted to teach, and there she launched her business.  Fast forward to over 10 years later, here we are  today, one the largest, and most respected lash companies in the industry. We are  known for our commitment to quality education and top grade application products and adhesives.  Our certification program is a strong practical plan that get’s you up and running as a technician, faster and better than any other company.  Our education is a combination of practical, theoretical education, and exploration in the artistic side of applying lashes.  We have never forgotten our commitment to our clients, and we continue to research the globe for better quality lash products.  Always ahead of the trends, we are a creative based business, through innovation and listening to our clients we’ve been able to expand our product catalogue and training menu.  In all of this there is one thing we have never lost touch of, our passion for lash extensions.