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Shavasana Lash Extensions Training

Shavasana Eyelash Extensions Education – Be the best technician you can be.

With 10 years under our belt in lash extension training, we’ve developed a great reputation for quality training. We know that training is the key to becoming a successful professional in any service you provide. Because we are a team of busy Lash Extensionists, Shavasana is confident in bringing you the most up-to-date application skills and styles to fit the needs of your client today. When performing a treatment around the eyes, you must be educated on the chemicals, safety measures, sanitation, and proper tool handling. Through our training and certification program, we assure your ability, confidence, and success as you progress with your lash extension business.

What makes us different?  Our dedication to our clients’ success, ethical practices, and quality products. We think of our clients as our family. We have a vested interest in the success of you and your business.

Why we are able to provide a well rounded perspective on the lash extension process and industry, from the founder of Shavasana:

lash extension training“In my experience as an owner operator and lash extension spa owner, I have a broad perspective on how critical training is to ensure your clients will be happy with your service from day one. Our program educates you with the basics of eyelash extension application through our Level I training and extends the basic applications, troubleshooting, and stylizing within our Level II training. Ideally, Level II is taken one month after the Level I course. We believe this process allows for critical practice time between the two levels of training and is the most successful method to prepare you for working expertly and professionally with your clients.


Our certification program is designed to meet the needs of the technician. It is much easier and more lucrative for us to schedule a back-to-back two day class. The tech will not be ready to take clients, though, after one weekend of training. After Level I training and a month of practice, the tech will know how to apply lash extensions but will have many new questions and challenges that need to be worked through in the Level II training. You may be able to figure it all out on your own, but it is much easier to have a seasoned professional mentor you and show you the way. If you want to be up and running successfully within a month, Shavasana is the best choice for you.”
barbara rattigan lash extensions

Barbara Rattigan is a licensed esthetician, founder and owner of Shavasana Eyelash Extensions, co-owner of LashSpot Spa’s, and Lotus Salon and Spa. With over 10 years experience as a four-time business owner entrepreneur, there is nothing in the business of beauty she has not experienced.

Education + Creativity + Hard Work + Quality = Success

  • Level I and II Lash Extension Training – Theory and Practical – introduction, lash basics, application, removal, touch-up, challenges.
  • Volume Lashing – Practical – volume techniques, multi-lash pick up, Y-V-W lash app.
  • Art of Lashes – Styling and Practical – lash design, bottom lashing, advanced lash placement.

lash wars proud sponsorShavasana also offers “In Salon Training” Please call 8866-544-3553 for details.