Shavasana Lash Catalogue

Shavasana Eyelash Extensions lashes are made with the soft and high quality synthetic fibers that emulate the look and feel of a natural lash.  Our eyelashes are semi-coated for a softer look.  We use a special heating system when applying the lashes to the backing, for ease of application.

Shavasana carries the Max2 Origninale lash collection as well. As the first manufacturer to make an individual PBT fiber extension, the quality of the product is very high and always cutting edge. We offer a large catalogue of  lashes including different colors, styles, textures, curls, lengths and widths.

PBT Fiber Lash Collection


Silk lashes (faux)

  • Pre-treated with a semi-gloss
  • Rich in color and cast a light shimmer along the lash line
  • Lashes are durable and hold their curl tightly over the length of wearing them
  • Jet Black, darker in coloring then a mink lash
lashes - mink lash heading

Mink lashes (faux)

  • Matte finish, Black
  • Extremely soft and fluffy
  • Lashes are flexible and hold their beautiful curl over the length of wearing them
  • Lush, soft and is designed to emulate your natural lash
  • This lash works beautifully on every clients eyes


  • High Luster, reflective
  • Ultra glossy, creating a vivid lash look
  • Jet Black, 10 X as dark as the silk or mink lash
  • Softer texture then our silk or mink lash

Lots of curls to fit every client’s needs



  • Natural lift to the lashes
  • Shaped like a J
  • Base of the lash is long
  • The curl is a soft
  • Easiest to apply
  • Use for practicing


  • Curl is between a B and a C-curl
  • Higher curve then a J-curl
  • Curl is defined
  • Works well on most clients
  • Natural curvature for a sultry look


  • Strong curl, easily creating a voluminous lash look
  • Shaped identical to a C
  • Immediate lift to the lash, opening the eyes
  • Works well on many clients, especially clients shorter lashes
  • Youthful appearance


  • Extreme Curl, lifts more then a C-curl
  • Comparable to a D-curl lash
  • Can be used for small eyes, shorter lengths look best, and volume
  • Great for mid lash line
  • Glamourous look
lashes - silk lash heading


  • Mega-Curl
  • Higher lift and stronger curl then the CO
  • Curlier then a D
  • Perfect for a flirty look and great for volume

Length – Width

6mm – 15mm x .07, .10, .15, .20, .25  – Size and lengths available may vary.