Marketing Materials

Marketing Materials

eyelash extensions marketing materials

Marketing and Business Support

Shavasana Eyelash Extensions™ will help with your eyelash extensions marketing and business support and to help you advertise and educate your clients about your Shavasana eyelash extension service. We offer many types of eyelash extensions marketing materials to be displayed or dispersed to prospective or current clients. Marketing your business and spreading the word to current clientele is key in building your eyelash extension business. Shavasana marketing materials are the first step in providing professional service and creating a buzz about the fabulous lashes you can create with Shavasana!

Advertising on our Website

Shavasana Eyelash Extensions™ is dedicated to helping you grow your business. We provide a service for our Extensionists to advertise under our “Find a Professional,” page on the Shavasana website.  Shavasana Eyelash Extensions™ advertises with all of the large search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, Lycos, and AOL to name a few.  Many of our Extensionists have built a strong lash extension clientele  through our website referrel program   Shavasana Eyelash Extensions™ is quickly rising up as the lash extension application to look for.  The Shavasana process is unique to Shavasana and it’s truly the look and feel women are going for!  All trainees are eligible to be listed as a Shavasana Lash Extensionist.  Please contact Shavasana to find out the specifications and qualifications of being listed as a professional on our site: / 866.544.3553

Advertising the real thing!

All of the models seen on our site and marketing materials are wearing Shavasana lash extensions.  We do not use stock photo’s on our site or in any of our marketing materials.  We feel it is essential to truly show what Shavasana lash extensions will look like, so that your clients will have a full understanding of how fabulous one can look!  All rights reserved Shavasana Eyelash Extensions™

eyelash extensions marketing materials standup

Shavasana Stand Up Ad

The Shavasana Stand up advertisement is offered in each Shavasana Complete Starter Kit which can be purchased under Starter Kits page of the website.  This is an attractive ad that can be displayed in your treatment room or front desk.
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eyelash extensions marketing materials brochure

Shavasana Tri-Fold Brochure

The Shavasana lash extension tri-fold brochure is bubbling with the Shavasana lash models batting their fabulous lashes!  Our Shavasana Eyelash Extension brochures will not only help you sell your service, but will educate your clients about Shavasana lash extensions.  Who can and can’t have the Shavasana lash extensions applied and what to expect during a Shavasana lash extension application is explained in the brochure.  Inside the brochure before and after photo’s of the procedure will be shown, and “how to care for your lashes” is is stated on the back.  Every time you purchase a product or item from Shavasana you will receive brochures.  Every Shavasana Complete Starter kit includes 20 brochures and a stand up ad.

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eyelash extensions marketing materials postcard

Shavasana Postcard

Marketing Postcards that you can send out to your clients and/or prospective clients to introduce your Shavasana Eyelash Extension Services.

Breathtaking photo’s of the lashes, before and after example to help selll your eyelash extension service!

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eyelash extensions marketing materials after care card

Shavasana Aftercare Card

Aftercare Cards to send your clients home with. These Aftercare Cards give detailed instructions on how to care for your new lashes.

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eyelash extensions marketing materials max2 eyelash eyebrow tonic

Max2 Eyelash / Eyebrow Tonic

The max2 Eyelash / Eyebrow Tonic bi-fold brochure.

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