Master Classes

Advanced Education

Volume Training – (The Game Changer)

Volume Lashing is a revolutionary technique in eyelash extensions that is quickly gaining more an more attention in the industry. Lash tech’s who have incorporated this advanced technique are expanding their businesses by leaps and bounds.  Volume lashing is the wave of the future, so we congratulate you on making a smart decision to expand your education.  The volume lashes can range from 2D all the way to 6D super volume levels by applying as many as 5 extensions onto one natural lash. The result? Fuller, thicker, softer, more natural looking and longer lasting set of eyelash extensions.  Through the Shavasana volume lash program, you can be among the few elite lash stylists offering Volume Lash in your area.  We are excited to inspire you to create these beautiful lashes through our training course.  Without education your true creativity will not sore to the heights you want them too.  Each of our Volume trainers are applying volume lashes to their clients.  We work to perfect the procedures, before presenting them to our students. 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. – 1/2 hour lunch

Theory w/manual

Demonstration on techniques

Model work directly with Instructor

Questions and Wrap up

The Start of Volume Lash

Basics of Volume

Tools and Products

  • Multi-lash Guideline
  • Lash Types
  • Lash Curls and Lengths, Russia
  • Effective Tools

Process Efficiency

  • The mathematics behind the lash application

Volume Lash Techniques

  • Lash Formation
  • Multi-lash Application
  1. 2D-3D Lashing Techniques
  2. 4D-6D Lashing Techniques
  3. 7D-9D Lashing Techniques

Volume Lash Artistry- Styling

  1. Basic Volume Style Steps
  2. Volume Lash Design
  3. Advanced Volume Lash Styling Techniques
  4. Other Advanced Lashing Techniques